Kroki / Figure drawing – ART SATURDAY


Denna verkstad fokuserar på analys och teckning av den mänskliga anatomin, med en levande modell. Verkstaden kostar 5 €. Max. 20 deltagare. Workshopen hålls på engelska. Du får gärna meddela oss på förhand att du kommer, men det går också bra med DROP-IN. Registrera dig på


Tässä työpajassa keskitytään ihmisen anatomian analysointiin ja piirtämiseen elävän mallin avulla. Työpaja maksaa 5 €. Max. 20 osallistujia. Saat mielellään ilmoittaa meille etukäteen, että olet tulossa, mutta voit myös tulla paikalle DROP-IN. Voit ilmoittautua osoitteessa


This workshop focuses on the analysis and drawing of the human anatomy, with a live model. The workshop is 5 €. Max. 20 participants, the workshop is held in English. We would prefer if you let us know that you are coming, but it is also DROP-IN. Register at



MORE INFO (only in English)

Figure drawing
with Bekim Hasaj & Valentina Gelain

Ever been to a classic drawing class? Ever chosen your sketchbook, your favourite paper and picked up a pencil and let the line run? An experience that should be done at least once… might seem complex, but the first step is to try!

When talking about drawing and painting, in the artistic and academic world, sketching from life immediately comes to mind. Landscapes, still life, animals… and us, the human being.

This workshop focuses on the analysis and drawing of the human anatomy, with a live model.

To discover us, our physicality and plasticity, but through the artist’s gaze and pictorial interpretation. How do you observe something when you have to immortalise it on paper? It can be very different from what we imagine: sign, shapes, solids and voids, chiaroscuro and so on.

Through advice and demonstrations, Bekim and Valentina will take you through this exploration, but always in the name of creativity and recreation.

An experience for many that is certainly new, for others to dust off, and for professionals an opportunity not to be missed… the course is open to all and requires no previous experience.

Picture: Valentina Gelain



– En lördag i månaden öppnar Malakta upp dörrarna för alla konstintresserade, små som stora, som vill pröva på olika konstformer. Du kan delta i dagens workshop eller endast avnjuta en kaffe/te i gemytlig miljö. En deltagaravgift på 5 € för de som vill delta i workshopen uppbärs på plats. Välkommen!

– Kerran kuukaudessa lauantaina Malakta avaa ovensa kaikille taiteesta kiinnostuneille, niin pienille kuin suurillekin, jotka ovat kiinnostuneita kokeilemaan eri taidemuotoja. Voit osallistua päivän työpajaan tai vain nauttia kahvista/teestä leppoisassa ilmapiirissä. Työpajaan osallistujat maksavat 5 € osallistumismaksun paikan päällä. Tervetuloa!

– One Saturday of the month Malakta opens its doors for everyone interested in the arts. Younger and older participants, who want to try out different art forms, are welcome. You join the workshop of the day or just enjoy a cup of coffee / tea in a cozy atmosphere. Those who want to participate in the workshop pay a 5€ participation fee upon arrival. Welcome!