Earlier Artist in Residency


Anna Jonsdottir, IS

Andrea Hackl, NL

Right to be Cold 


Home residency supported by Art in Malakta rf

Moa Cederberg

Patricia Rodas

Kyösti Linna & Bekim Hasaj


Tinja Sabel and Mari-Helen Hyvärinen, FI. Actresses. https://www.malakta.fi/parallell/

Jon Gredmark, SE. Visual Artist. https://www.instagram.com/jon.gredmark/

Ilar Gunilla Persson,  SE. Photographer. http://www.ilargunilla.com/

Ilar Gunilla Persson, artist in residence, söker din berättelse!

Jared Gradinger, GE. Dancer/ Choerographer http://www.jaredgradinger.com/

Stina Aletta Aikio, FI multiartist and activist https://www.kuvataideviikot.fi/taiteilijat-2019.htm


Rosa Pasqual, ES. Visual artist. https://www.malakta.fi/rosa-pascual-artist-talk/

Veronika Vaculikovq, CZ. Choreographer/filmmaker.


Jan Valkk, CZ. Filmmaker.

Marlene Millar, CA. Choreographer/filmmaker. http://mouvementperpetuel.net/about-us/marlene-millar/

Jon Gredmark, SE. Visual artist. http://jongredmark.tumblr.com/

Andrea Hackl, NL. Choreographer.   http://andreahackl.com/

Petronela Grigorescu, Delia Bulgaru, Anca Medeleanu, Adrian Marele, R0, actor and visual artist


Helena Jonsdottir, IS. Choreographer/filmmaker. http://this.is/helena/

Cel Crabeels, BE. Visual artist. https://vimeo.com/celcrabeels

Leila Refahi, IR. Visual artist. http://leilarefahi.ir/

Ricardas Matacius, LT. Filmmaker. http://www.fivedots.lt/

Rasa Kregzdaite, LT. Producer.

Anne Rönkkö, FI. Dancer. https://www.facebook.com/anne.ronkko.5

Moona Nevalainen, FI. Dancer.  http://www.jotkuttaasvaittavat.fi/hapean-muotista-ulos/

Egle Plytnikaite, LT. Illustrator. http://egle.plytnikaite.com/

Hanuka Lohrengel, GE/LV. Illustrator. https://www.hanukalohrengel.com/about-me/


Todd Anderson-Kunert, Light Artist, AU. Sound artist. https://www.toddanderson-kunert.com/

Mikael Åberg (SE), Sculpturer. Project “Artist on assignment” for Malax municipality & Arts

Promotion Centre Finland. https://mikaelaberg.com/

Abraham Lezama J, MX. Choreographer

Hanuka Lohrengel, GE/LV. Visual artist.

Catherine Bourne, AU/IE. Curator. https://www.facebook.com/catherinepbourne

Darn Thorn, IE. Fotographer. http://darnthorn.com/


Johanna Nuutinen, FI. Choreographer. http://johannanuutinen.com/fi

Abraham Lezama J, MX. Choreographer, festival leader,  https://www.facebook.com/TeenekRDFF/

Remu Iwai, HK. Filmmaker.  https://vimeo.com/remuiwai

Emelie Boman, SE. Choreographer.  http://youdance.se/produktioner/

Andrea Hackl, NL. Choreographer.   http://andreahackl.com/


Espen Haslene, NO. Film director. www.tundragroupfilms.com

Tharan Revfem, NO. Dancer.

Clara Henriksdotter-Puranen FI , Dancer

Eleni Pierides & Taneli Törmä FI / DK www.tanelitorma.com Dancers

Catherine Bourne, AU, IE,  http://cargocollective.com/catherinebourne Curator

Darn Thorn, IE,  www.darnthorn.com Fotographer

Mervi Junkkonen, Film director. http://cinemervi.com/

Girilal Baars FI / SE. Musician, composer. http://www.girilal.com/

Abraham Lezama J, MX. Choreographer.


Julie Fotheringham, US. Choreographer, psychoanalyst.



Iluta Lace, Dita Lace, LV. Human rights workers in Marta Centrs. http://www.marta.lv/

Gundega Graudina, LV. Musician. http://www.ambraduo.com/gundega

Abraham Lezama J, MX. Choreographer




2018 HUNGER, 9 craft artists from Norway, Sweden and Finland curated together for a cross-art

workshops and for a touring exhibition, part of HANDMADE Nordisk Kulturfond,


2015 YOUNG MUSICIANS, seven young talents get a tutorial and opportunity to work with

professional musicians during a weekend. The weekend was documented. Arr. The youth music association https://www.musiktalang.fi/songcamp/

2013 HOMELAND, ArtCamp Malakta. Realization of Cross-Art Exhibition Homeland with artists

from Ostrobothnia, Finland and Västerbotten Sweden. Exhibition at modern art museum Kuntsi in Vaasa in autumn 2014 and in Västerbotten Museum, Umeå spring 2015. Arr Arts Promotion Centre Finland / Nora Nelsson and Västerbottens museum. http://umea2014.se/2014/10/the-meaning-of-homeland/

2012 Art in Process. International workshops with Timothy Persons. Arr. Produforum Österbotten