Visual artists from all over the world are invited to immerse themselves in the nature and community of Western Finland and intertwine, through their art, a dialogue with the rural.
A mural painting festival in Ostrobothnia organized by Art in Malakta rf
//First Edition //

Part 1 May, 2021 

During the process sketches and earlier artworks of the artist will be exhibited in the Gallery at Malakta
Wednesday 12.5 to Friday 14.5 between 3-6. More info about the exhibition you find here
Banksy Most Wanted documentary &  StreetArt Workshop 
in co-opartaion with Filmcentrum Botnia and the artist Jon Gredmark a screening and workshop-tour is arrange at Bio Rex in Kristinestad, Rytmikorjaamo in Seinäjoki,  Museum of K.H Renlund in Kokkola and At Kuntsi in Vaasa. All the dates and details here

Part 2 August, 2021

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Mural Rural is kindly supported by; Taike, Svenska Kulturfonden, KulturÖsterbotten and in cooparation with Vattenverket (Malax Kommun), Stenco – Bröderna Stén Kb, Ab Bröderna Hemming Oy och Ab Jarla Products Oy