Artist Talk’s with Niap & Tatiana Philippova

at Malakta
12th November, from 19:00

The multidisciplinary artist Niap (Nancy Saunders) and the writer and photographer Tatiana Philippova are working at Malakta as guest artists during some weeks in October and November. They will separately present their own art with an Indigenous perspective and their participation in the project “The Right to be Cold” during a joint Artist Talk.

The artists

Niap (b. 1986) is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist from Kuujjuaq, Nunavik, who works in Montreal, Canada. She explores her cultural heritage and identity as an Inuit through different techniques and media, such as painting, drawing, performances, sculptures, photography and handicrafts. By trying to relearn traditions from her Inuit culture and applying it in her contemporary art she does not only promote these ancestral practices but also gives them a space in our present times.
Tatiana Philippova (b. 1980) is a writer, journalist and an artist, who lives in Yakutsk. As a Sakha woman and queer-person in Russia, she explores decolonizing writing, feminist poetry and queer-literature. She tries to interpret the traumatic displacements that her family experienced during WW II as well as examine the ecological crises that are changing her ancestors’ land. Philippova is a winner of Znamya literature magazine award 2020.

The Artist Talk

The event is open for everyone and free of charge and offers an unique opportunity for the local community to take part in the art and stories that these artists have to share.

The project

Both artists were chosen by an open call to be part of the international project “The Right to be Cold”, in which Malakta is participating as a residency partner with the Goethe Institute. The project The Right to be Cold focuses on the arctic and boreal region and addresses issues relating to indigenous rights, ecology, climate justice and culture. The overarching theme is climate change, which is fundamentally challenging and changing living conditions in the northern regions.
More about the project The Right to be Cold:






Artist talk with Atefeh Majidi Nezhad and Bekim Hasaj

We are honored to arrange an Artist Talk with Atefeh Majidi Nezhad and Bekim Hasaj 25.6 at 7 p.m.!

Atefeh Majidi Nezhad, Iranian Artist, is the Artist in Residence at Ateljé Stundars until end of june. Bekim Hasaj is an Albian Artist living in Vaasa and one of the founders of Black Box Genesis.

Welcome to an inspiring evening with them!

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