Erik Sjøholm and Francis Oye. will offer exotic music with acoustic guitar, Kpanlogo Yede drums and their beautiful voices. With a repertoire stretching from Ghana and Spain to allsång i Österbotten you will be invited to sing along and join an unforgettable celebration of the light, the spring and the first of May in Malakta, Malax.

Erik Sjøholm and Francis Oye

WHEN 1. MAY 18.00-20.00

The concept behind “Música da vela” is a cultural tradition that originally comes from Brazil where they call the event “Samba da vela”. Until this day the communities in Brazil gather together to play music in the evenings. Back in the day when there was no electricity around, candles were used to provide the fiesta with light and finally when the candles had burnt out the party was over. This is where the expression “Samba da vela” comes from, “The Samba of the candle”. Music would play until the candle died. The first of May we have decided to bring this tradition to Malakta in Malax. The event starts with lighting the candle and ends when the flame is gone.


Försäljning av mjöd och struvor! Myydään simaa ja tippaleipiä!

You are most welcome to join us and bring your friends and family too!! Looking forward to see you all at Malakta the first of May!