16 april 2019 kl. 19:00–21:00

Tisdagen 16.4 inleds Erik Sjöholms och Lina Teirs “Bonfire Stories” turné som går från Malax till Paris med konsert på Malakta kl.19.00. Med på scenen finns också vispoeten Axel Hanses och skådespelerskan/sångerskan Maria Udd. Det blir egna och andras låtar på svenska, engelska och spanska.

Varmt välkommen!

Inträde 15 euro
(Pensionärer, studerande 10 euro)

Läs mera om Bonfire Stories här:

“Bonfire stories” is a collaboration between Erik Sjøholm and Lina Teir, mixing acoustic, raw and intimate music performances with storytelling. The concert offers an opportunity to reflect on our relationship to ourselves and others, resolving old tensions and emotions along the passing of the concert, by burning them in the bonfire (only literally if the venue offers the possibility of a bonfire, otherwise metaphorically).

Sjøholm and Teir are both born and raised in Ostrobothnia, Finland, a flatland nordic landscape where you’ll see northern lights during winter and a never setting sun during summer. Even though coming from the same area it wasn’t until last year (2018) Lina and Erik came together in various collaborations and started exploring their artistic expression through improvisation and live performances. This was the start and the seed planted that has now grown into a tour crossing Europe, stretching from their home villages in Ostrobothnia to Paris in France, bringing the Finnish Bonfire (something very typical in their areas) to the rest of Europe, inviting the audience to reflect, grow and change from within as the fire slowly dies and the concert is ended.


Meaning and significance behind “Bonfire stories”:

Bonfires are very common in Ostrobothnia, either as a way to keep your house warm or simply having a break in the nature with a cousy fire and some food to heat over the flames. There are even cultural celebrations where the bonfire is a central element. In other parts of the world, the symbol of fire is used as a metaphor for cleansing or healing, in Buddhism for example.