THE ART OF DJing “Second Edition”

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The video is produced with funds from Harry Schaumans stiftelse from MalaktaTV.

“THE ART OF DJing” second edition is a workshop open to everyone who wants to learn the basics of DJing.

In this workshop you will know more about the history of Djing. Practice different mixing techniques. You will have fun with music and people. Discover new ways to put your passion into the music.

“Culture and education are important for your life in Art” says Michele Uccheddu.

Sat 26 February 2022 – Kl. 12:00 – 14:00


The disc jockey or DJ, is usually an entertainment professional, whose task is to select pieces of music of various kinds, very often in a discotheque or club, depending on the tastes of the public and the occasion, but also on his personal style. The DJ works through an amplification system, which the environment itself is equipped with, and to which the console (or disc-console) is connected.

THE ART OF DJing workshop is a project created by Michele Uccheddu who is a sound artist from Sardinia.

He is working as an apprentice in collaboration with Malakta and SUPRANU Records to offer different Cultural events and Educational contents to the community of Malakta in Finland.

Due to the Covid19 restriction and for personal safety We will allow only 5 people every workshop!


Fee to participate 5€

  • Know more about the history of Djing.
  • Be able to experiment and practice the different mixing techniques.
  • Have fun with music and people.
  • Increase your sense of listening.
  • Socialize with the participants.
  • Discover new music.

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Michele Uccheddu

The event is arranged in cooperation with the Creative Europe project mAPS- Migrating Artist Project