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GCI and Malakta International Creativity Symposium

16-17 September 2024


Global Creativity Initiative (GCI) and Art in Malakta invites you who wants to understand more about the science of creativity, whether you are a student, scientist, teacher, entrepreneur, a leader in an organization, an artist, work in the field of psychology or else interested in creativity to this International Creativity Symposium.

International distinguished creativity scholars and featured speakers present various aspects of creativity: Creative Problem Solving, Incubation, the Creative Process, and more. The topics are not domain specific but aim to shed light on the fundamental principles of creativity.

Creativity is a competence needed in times of change. We use our inherent creativity when solving problems, working in teams or creating art or new products or strategies. Creativity theories submerge under the surface and make our creativity visible.


Distinguished Keynotes speakers:

Emerita Professor, Bonnie Cramond, University of Georgia. Awarded for her lifetime Achievement.

Dr. Mark Runco, University of Southern Oregon

Dr. Michael Mumford, University of Oklahoma

Emerita Professor, Ruth Richards, Saybrook University


Global Creativity Initiative is an International organization with the goal of promoting and learning from creativity globally.



The symposium will be available for attendance at Malakta live or online.

Tickets for attending on site is 90 € and for online 50€.


More info about how to make the payment through PayPal and a more detailed program will be coming up soon.