14.12 kl 11-14 with Valentina Gelain & Bekim Hasaj

HOMEMADE PAPER You are invited for a curious Art Saturday, which will open another door to the world of homemade creativity. Have you ever made paper at home? Don’t worry, this workshop will start from the basics to explain and show you what it takes to create all the paper you want on your own! Not only will you create your own sheets of paper, but you will also be able to personalize them with elements such as: thread, leaves, flowers and we will also teach you a rudimentary, simple and quick watermark. Bring with you ideas and imagination, so at the beginning we will take a first moment to plan and decide what then go to create with the sheet of paper (Christmas will be near). In this Art Saturday, we will create the paper, so you won’t be able to think of designs that include paper that is already dry, but in the future we’ll do that too! In addition, the sheets of paper must be collected on the following days, after drying. Valentina and Bekim are waiting for you on December 14th in Malakta from 11am to 2pm, welcome!


Andra lördagen i månaden öppnar Malakta upp dörrarna för alla konstintresserade, små som stora, som vill pröva på olika konstformer. Du kan pyssla i ReDo hörnan eller endast avnjuta en kaffe/te i gemytlig miljö. En materialavgift/deltagaravgift på 5 € för de som vill delta uppbärs på plats. Välkommen!

Joka toinen lauantaina kuukaudessa Malakta avaa ovensa kaikille taiteesta kiinnostuneille, niin pienille kuin suurillekin, jotka ovat kiinnostuneita kokeilemaan eri taidemuotoja. Voit askarrella ReDo nurkkauksessa tai vain nauttia kahvista/teestä leppoisassa ilmapiirissä. Työpajaan osallistujat maksavat 5 € materiaali / osallistumismaksun paikan päällä. Tervetuloa!

Every second saturday of the month Malakta will open its doors for everyone interested in the arts. Younger and older participants, who want to try out different art forms, are welcome. You can do crafts in the ReDo corner, or just enjoy a cup of coffee / tea in a cosy atmosphere. Those who want to participate in the workshop pay a 5€ material / participation fee upon arrival. Welcome!