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Born in Sardinia in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Michele Uccheddu is a Sound Artist,
Percussionist, Electronic Musician, Records Producer, production and
self-promotion coach.

Founder of SUPRANU Records Label, He is Focused on different types of music like Electronic
music, experimental Jazz, House, Techno and IDM.
His Dj set combines the past and the future in a sort of historical journey.
In his music productions he pushes towards the underground music culture.

He is also deeply interested in the intersection of nature and technology in
experimental electronic music.

He draws inspiration from the generative arts and
the science of psychoacoustics, using music as a means to communicate
with the surrounding life forms, plants, animals, and insects. He believes that
by building a personal connection to the environment, he can create a deeper
understanding of the problems that the earth is facing today.

In his compositions, Uccheddu integrates elements of nature such as field
recordings and organic sounds to create a sense of immersion and connection
to the natural world. He also incorporates the use of technology to
manipulate and transform these sounds into new forms of expression.

Improvisation is also a central form of expression in Uccheddu’s work. He
uses improvisation as a means to explore the boundaries between nature and
technology, and to create unique and unexpected soundscapes. Through
improvisation, Uccheddu is able to push the boundaries of electronic music
and discover new ways to connect with the natural world.


The “Dream” is the first of eleven shamanic rites and prayers that
connect us with the spirits of nature that protect all forms of life.
These spirits are embodied in the masks created by Finnish artist
Jenni Österlund, with whom Michele Uccheddu aka 03SIDIAN
collaborates in the creation of their art. The masks will be revealed
after the album’s release.

Dreaming is a crucial phase where our subconscious meets with the
spirits of the universe, guarded by the gods. Our purpose on earth is
to understand, seek knowledge, and learn, and dreaming helps us
realize ethereal concepts that are dicult to comprehend in our waking life.


LAB PERFORMANCE I create an environment for performances,
where the paint on the wall by Jenni Österlund is a guide for the
traditional musicians, like a live partiture, also i used electronic
conductive paint to send midi signals to a software that i
programmed in Max/msp, able to modify the electronic elaboration
of the traditional instruments in real time.
The video projection is reacting with the music in real time.


MOLO126 is a short art documentary with sound art, I made to
celebrate the fisherman’s ritual of preparing and maintaining his
boat and nets. This ritual is a crucial aspect of the fisherman’s
livelihood and is passed down from generation to generation within
his family. However, with the rise of the big fishing industry,
traditional fishing practices and jobs may soon become obsolete. This
documentary serves as a tribute to this age-old tradition and the
people who still carry it on.